Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gestalt Therapy / Gestalt Life Coaching Certification Program

Life Change Recovery Center (LCRC)
in cooperation with
The Gestalt Therapy Association of the Philippines (GTAP)
invite you to enrol in the

Gestalt Therapy  / Gestalt Life Coaching Certification Program

  • Have the honor and distinction of being a Gestalt Psychotherapist / Gestalt Life Coach in the Philippines certified by the GTAP!
  • Experience deep emotional healing and personal growth for yourself as you train to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist/ Life Coach!
  • Learn to apply Gestalt Therapy / Life Coaching to clinical conditions and life problems such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, addictions, personality disorders, relationship issues, grief, and many more!
  • Earn 48 CPE points per module duly accredited by the Psychological Association of the Philippines!
  • Avail of a magnanimous discount on early bird payment of tuition fee of P250,000!

Gestalt Therapy / Life Coaching is an experiential, existential, relational, and creative approach to therapy with a major focus on here-and-now awareness, what-and-how behaviour, and the role of unfinished business in creating blockages to one’s personal growth.  

  • Its key goals are to help people expand their awareness of themselves, accept personal responsibility for their choices in life, develop a greater capacity for self-support, live more fully in the immediate moment, and integrate the fragmented and broken aspects in oneself.

Gestalt Therapy is not only an approach to therapy. 
Gestalt Therapy is a way of being and a way of life. 
It is a path to being integrated and whole,
an adventure in living life more fully and meaningfully!

Class Schedule:   

4 modules consisting of 3 weekends each; 9am-5pm
  • Module 1 (Personal Growth)
  • Module 2 (Skills Building)
  • Module 3 (Supervision)
  • Module 4 (Theory)


  • University Hotel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City


  • Randy Misael S. Dellosa is a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist who has received intensive training and supervision in Spain, Indonesia, India, France, Germany, and Australia for Gestalt Therapy under the Gestalt Education Network International (GENI). 
  • Randy’s main mentors include Jerry and Wiltrud Kogan who have directly trained under Laura Perls, co-originator of Gestalt Therapy and wife of Fritz Perls.  
  • In facilitating this Gestalt Therapy Certification Program, Randy integrates his academic knowledge, clinical insights, and life learnings to guide participants into the competent and compassionate practice of Gestalt Therapy.  
  • Randy is a co-founder and current president of the Gestalt Therapy Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Society of Life Coaches.  To learn more about Randy and his work, please visit www.randydellosa.com and randydellosa.net.

For Pre-Registration and Inquiries:  

  • Please call Ms. Agnes Agbayani at 415-6529 or 415-7964.  Ms. Agnes is the Executive Director of Life Change Recovery Center and the Gestalt Therapist Association of the Philippines. 

Grab this opportunity to be a Gestalt Psychotherapist / Gestalt Life Coach NOW!  

As a Gestalt Psychotheapist / Gestalt Life Coach, you grow as you help your clients grow!

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